Guide to the Nike Metcon: Footwear to crush your fitness goals

Guide to the Nike Metcon: Footwear to crush your fitness goals

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The Nike Metcon line is the de facto choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, known for its unmistakable balance of support, stability and durability. Here’s your complete guide to the Nike Metcon line. 

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What is Nike Metcon? 

This guide is an in-depth look at the Nike Metcon line, a collection of sneakers that are synonymous with cross-training and gym workouts. Sneakers from the Metcon line generally feature flat, wide midsoles designed for stability, durable uppers for protection, flexible forefoot for agility, grippy outsole for traction and carefully placed grooves for protection. 

Every Metcon sneaker is designed to be an all-in-one workout sneaker, transitioning from cardio to strength training without compromising performance and comfort. Some might even rock them outside the gym, especially in more lifestyle-focused colorways. 

Why are there different types of Nike Metcon? 

Key models from the Metcon line are the Metcon Turbo 2, Free Metcon 4 and Metcon 8. Each model builds on the signature balance of stability and performance of the Metcon line, offering unique design details that cater to different preferences and workout routines. 

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Why is the flat design and stability of the Metcon so important? 

Whether your workout comprises explosive movements or heavy weightlifting, a flat and stable shoe is necessary to prevent injury. A wider design gives your toes space to fully splay and maximize your ability to stay balanced. As compared to running shoes, Metcon sneakers have barely any heel-to-toe drop, which means your foot is entirely flat. Especially for heavier weightlifting, this flat design keeps you balanced and ensures you are able to maintain the correct posture. 


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Here’s a guide to the current selection of Nike Metcon sneakers: 

Model: Nike Metcon 8
Price: S$215
Buy here:

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The most all-rounded sneaker of the lot, the Metcon 8 utilizes React foam in the midsole to cushion aggressive movements while offering sufficient impact protection for runs and cardio training. To prevent any interruptions to your workout regimen, the Metcon 8 comes with textured overlays on the upper for added durability and lace-locking mechanisms to keep them out of the way during training. 


Model: Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2
Price: S$239
Buy here:

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Designed for high-intensity workouts such as HIIT and circuit training, the Metcon Turbo 2 sports a segmented outsole that offers a balance of maneuverability and stability. Its combination of Zoom Air and React makes it responsive enough for high-intensity interval training. Lightness is key to the design which makes it ideal for speed and strength training. 


Model: Nike Free Metcon 4
Price: S$199
Buy here:

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Unlike the other two sneakers, the Nike Free Metcon 4 offers stability through the use of a heel clip. By doing so, the forefoot and midfoot come in a segmented construction reminiscent of the Freerun. This gives far more agility and flexibility as compared to the other two Metcon models. Combined with a breathable “chain-link” mesh upper, the Nike Free Metcon 4 is the go-to choice for those looking for comfortable training sneakers for functional workouts and HIIT routines.

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