Nike SB launches the Orange Label – a genderless collection of skate essentials

Nike SB launches the Orange Label – a genderless collection of skate essentials

Nike has come together with pro-skater Leo Baker for the Nike SB Orange Label – a skate collection built for everyone.

Nike SB Orange Label Leo Baker

The collaboration is part of Leo Baker’s efforts to cultivate a more open and diverse skating scene.

Leo Baker is one of the best skaters out there, yet they have remained relatively unknown. Baker spent years as an outcast of the skating community, due to their masculine appearance and non-conformist attitude. But they stood strong, working as a full-time graphics designer during the day and recording skate videos by night to persevere in their passion. They eventually amassed a following that caught the eye of Nike SB.

The Nike SB Orange Label is a collective effort with Baker to create a more inclusive skate scene – one that doesn’t pressure people to have to be anything but themselves. They do not want others to face the discrimination that they experienced early on. The Orange Label with Nike is the first step toward achieving their goal: to create a skate scene that is safe for women and queer individuals.

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The collection comprises of functional apparel that skaters use on the daily – plain long-sleeved tees, a neutral Henley, yellow coaches jackets, and more.

Nike SB Orange Label Bruin High

The sneakers from the collection are pretty eye-catching and would look good even for casual wear. First up is the Bruin High in a very clean cherry suede. Everything on the sneaker is color-matched, including the laces, Swoosh, lining and overlays. Solid black outsoles wrap around the panels, creating a super clean look you can beat on the daily.

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Nike SB Orange Label Janoski Slip RM

The next sneaker is a Janoski Slip – Baker’s favorite. This sneaker has a minimalist full black colorway from its leather uppers and outsoles to its stitching. The insoles come in a striking midnight blue, which really pops when surrounded by all the black on the sneaker.

The Nike SB Orange Label will drop at selected skate shops on March 7.

Considering that the line is entirely gender-neutral, would you use it to build a couple’s fit? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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