Nike rolls out a comeback for the legendary Shox R4 and TL

Nike rolls out a comeback for the legendary Shox R4 and TL

This week marks the return of the Nike Shox R4 and TL.

Nike Shox R4 Shox TL

It feels like we’ve time-traveled to the early 2000’s.

‘Otherworldly’ seems like the right word to describe the Nike Shox R4, which first launched in 2000 with a piston-like heel cushioning system. Three years later, the sportswear brand unleashed the beast – the Nike Shox TL (Total) equipped with a full-length Shox system. Nearly two decades on, these sneakers have earned their legendary status, and it’s time for these innovative silhouettes to make a comeback. Check out the links below to cop.

Shox R4
March 20

Nike Shox R4

The Shox R4 will return in its OG colorway featuring black uppers with metallic silver side panels and tonal Swoosh. Clearly, the standout feature of the sneaker is the brightest, all decked in red.

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Shox TL
March 21 

Nike Shox TL

The Shox TL will arrive in two colorways – one murdered out in black, the other in Speed Red. If the glossy and metallic makeup doesn’t convince you, we’re guessing the full-length Shox cushioning might do the trick.

Would you rock these sneakers? Leave a comment below.

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