US$14,000 Worth of Nike Sneakers Stolen in Tennessee

US$14,000 Worth of Nike Sneakers Stolen in Tennessee

The major Nike robbery took place late May.

Photo: Sole Collector / For illustrative purpose only

According to the reports, about US$14,000 worth of Nike sneakers were stolen from a parked trailer in Pleasant Hill, Southeast Shelby Country, USA.

Police say that the suspects cut a hole in the fence, broke the lock of the trailer, and took off with a dozen cartons of Nike sneakers worth US$14,000.

The trailer had reportedly been sitting in the same spot for two days, while awaiting a tire repair. Meanwhile, no security was guarding the goods in the truck.

In an interview with WREG, driver Ned Hunter said that theft of trailers are common in Memphis, where the crime took place.

This is the second major crime of theft involving Nike products to take place in May this year. Previously, a man was recently arrested for stealing 800 pairs of sneakers from Nike’s factory outlet in Portland, Oregon. The crime was believed to have been drug motivated.

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Source: WREG

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