The NMD Human Race Inspiration pack drops in four colorways

The NMD Human Race Inspiration pack drops in four colorways

If you go to sneakers for inspiration, you’re in luck. The NMD Human Race Inspiration Pack drops in four colorways on November 10.

The bold color schemes often seen on the NMD Human Race remains and so does the new-style trail outsole.

Not gotten over last week’s release of the Pharrell NMD Hu x Billionaire Boys Club sneaker? Well, here are four new colorways from the Inspiration pack to obsess over. Like any other sneaker by Pharrell Williams, the upcoming NMD Human Race Inspiration Pack boasts quite a bit of color. In fact, it’s a combination of colors you won’t usually be caught wearing all at the same time, but this is, after all, a Pharrell Williams sneaker.

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From the outlook, the NMD Human Race Inspiration Pack seems to have derived the styles from two of its recent releases – the China-exclusive pack and the Afro-pack. The signature text on the NMD Human Race uppers are inscribed in Chinese characters, while the new trail outsole, as well as the patterned inner lining is adapted from the Afro-pack release. Despite the hype slowing down around Pharrell’s sneakers lately, these would still make for some comfortable and eye-catching sneakers.

The NMD Human Race Inspiration Pack is set to drop at Limited Edt on November 10 with the retail price expected to be in the region of S$380. Stay tuned for more updates on this release when the date draws nears.

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Which colorway would you cop? Drop your pick in the comments below.

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