Novesta and Isadore team up for cycling-inspired collaboration

Novesta and Isadore team up for cycling-inspired collaboration

Slovakia’s Novesta debut their reworked Star Master silhouette with cycling brand Isadore.

Novesta x Isadore sneaker collection

The Novesta x Isadore sneakers feature a reel knob lacing system commonly found in cycling shoes.

Slovakian brands Novesta and Isadore both share a passion for making eco-friendly and sustainable products. It was only a matter of time before brands the joined forces to bring Novesta’s reputation and Isadore’s cycling enthusiasm together in a pair of cycling shoes.

The Novesta x Isadore sneakers bear the traditional Star Master silhouette that Novesta is known for, with its chunky sole and vulcanized marks. Made from organic cotton and an eco-rubber sole, these sneakers feature a unique closure: a reel knob lacing system that enables one-handed adjustment.

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Novesta, a brand whose history dates back to the 1930s when the infamous Jan Antonin Bata began designing footwear in a small factory in the heart of Slovakia, is one of the most respected producers of street shoes across the continent. The Slovakian brand has since developed a reputation for making excellent, sustainable menswear. But it’s only in the last decade that their expertise has really come into the limelight.

Isadore, on the other hand, is Slovakia’s leading cycling brand and was created by Martin and Peter Velits, a pair of cycling-enthused brothers. They used their deep cycling insight to create clothing that works both on and off the road, featuring clean designs that suit any rider with an active lifestyle.

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Now, two of the country’s biggest exports finally come together to bring us a collaboration that’s been almost 90 years in the making.

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The Novesta x Isadore Star Master comes in both men’s and women’s sizes with worldwide delivery. The sneaker retails for €115 (approx. S$179) and is now available at Isadore.

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