Object of Desire: adidas Brazuca World Cup Official Match Ball

Object of Desire: adidas Brazuca World Cup Official Match Ball

This beauty is the only football worthy to be used by the world’s elite players for next week’s FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament. Find out why.

adidas Brazuca

What: adidas Brazuca 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball
Why: Whether to keep or to kick, you can’t miss out on owning the FIFA World Cup’s official match ball; the same type of ball that will be used by the world’s best players at the upcoming tournament in Brazil. The adidas Brazuca underwent two and a half years of development and testing to ensure perfect on-field performance. In fact, it is made with 6 panels of premium polyurethane (instead of the usual 32) that has been bonded for reduced water absorption and perfect roundness.
What else: Footballs are serious business; the match ball used in the 2010 World Cup was criticized by players and managers for its erratic, unpredictable flight that tended to slow down suddenly in mid-air. Researchers in Japan have extensively tested the Brazuca and concluded that it is aerodynamically consistent. No complaints this time, hopefully!
Gimme: The adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball retails for S$189 and is available at the adidas online store and other sporting goods retailers.

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