Object of Desire: Dark Souls – The Board Game

Object of Desire: Dark Souls – The Board Game

Dark Souls, the award-winning action role-playing video game that has spawned three installments, now arrives as a crowdfunded, multiplayer board game.

Dark Souls - The Board Game

Dark Souls – The Board Game

Why: Players have a huge number of core characters to choose from, and the extensive campaign missions promise hours of immersive fun with monsters, treasures, deadly boss fights and expansion packs.
What else: Old school tabletop gamers, especially those who have spent years playing Warhammer 40K, will also appreciate the level of detail on the miniature figures that make up this board game.
Gimme: To receive a copy of Dark Souls – The Board Game, simply pledge £80 on its Kickstarter page. The project is fully backed, meaning backers will definitely receive the board game. Hurry, there’s only four days left before the project closes!

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