Object of Desire: Mighty Jaxx “Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy” Toy

Object of Desire: Mighty Jaxx “Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy” Toy

Mighty Jaxx continues its run of unusual collectible toys by re-introducing the balloon dog, now in various sizes, colors and finishes.

Mighty Jaxx “Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy” toy

Why: Designed by famous artist Jason Freeny and made by 4D Master, these display-worthy toys feature every kid’s beloved balloon, but with an added twist — a visible skeletal system and detachable “organs” within the toy.
What else: Available in two sizes (8″ and 4″ tall), the ABS plastic toys also come in several colors, and either clear or metallic finishes.
Gimme: Priced at S$45 (8″) and S$20 (4″) a piece, the Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy collectible toy can be purchased at the Mighty Jaxx webstore.

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