Object of Desire: Reebok Cardio Ultra – Available from Mid-Jan 2015

Object of Desire: Reebok Cardio Ultra – Available from Mid-Jan 2015

Built with the indoor fitness enthusiast in mind, the Reebok Cardio Ultra will help exercise junkies make the most of their workouts.

What: Reebok Cardio Ultra in-studio fitness shoe
Why: Designed specifically for studio workouts, the Reebok Cardio Ultra contains several features that make it ideal for those intense cardio or dance sessions. Trifoam provides cushioning, impact absorption and provide essential rebound between workout moves. Adaptamove technology supports multi-directional movements while Turnzone allows the feet to turn freely and pivot smoothly.
What else: We laced up the Reebok Cardio Ultra and found it to be pretty plush and well-wrapped around the foot. The forefoot of the shoe is broader and suitable for Asian feet. With its unique colorway selection, the Reebok Cardio Ultra is no dull-looking shoe, so you can wear it out even after your workout.
Gimme: The Reebok Cardio Ultra retails for S$159 and will be available from mid-January 2015 at Royal Sporting House stores.

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