Object of Desire: Vans x Star Wars Collection

Object of Desire: Vans x Star Wars Collection

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your hands on this awesome collaboration based on the iconic Star Wars series.

What: Vans x Star Wars collection of sneakers, men’s apparel and women’s accessories
Why: The force has been unleashed! Vans teams up with Star Wars to produce a collaborative collection that’s sure to make any Star Wars fan green with envy. Whether you’re wearing them on the streets or keeping them as memorabilia, you gotta admit the product lineup is pretty slick. Even the shoe boxes are worth keeping!
What else: The collection also comprises a limited run of footwear under Van’s premium label, Vault by Vans. Using various silhouettes, the shoes feature Miami and Pirate prints mixed with iconic Star Wars imagery. Less than 300 pairs of each style have been produced, so grab ’em while you can.
The Vans x Star Wars collection ranges from S$29 to S$109. Available at all Vans stores islandwide from Saturday, July 19th onwards. The Vault by Vans x Star Wars collection is available only at Limited Edt Vault. Get them, you must!

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