Object of Desire: Casio G-Shock Marble Edition Watches

Object of Desire: Casio G-Shock Marble Edition Watches

As winter comes to an end, Casio G-Shock releases a collection of striking marbled watches that are as unique as each snowflake.


What: Casio G-Shock Marble Edition” watches (GA100MM-3A, GA100MM-5A and GA100MM-8A).
Why: Rounding up the winter season, Casio G-Shock has unveiled a set of watches that are inspired by fallen snowflakes and feature completely unique marble patterns — no two watches are alike — on the durable rubber straps.
What else: Each timepiece comes with G-Shock’s signature shock resistance, 200M water resistance, auto illuminated LED backlight and a host of other functions, all housed within a 52.1mm case size.
Gimme: Retailing at US$130, the Casio G-Shock Marble Edition watches will be available from March 2016 at the G-Shock NYC Soho Store, select Macy’s locations and premium fashion boutiques. We’ve reached out to Casio Singapore for local availability, and will update this story with new information (if any).

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