Object of Desire: House of Holland Eyebrow Sunglasses

Object of Desire: House of Holland Eyebrow Sunglasses

Whether you’re blocking out the sun, taking low-key double takes at beautiful people or hiding a hangover, you’ll look so much better doing them in these shades by House of Holland.

What: House of Holland Eyebrow Sunglasses
Why: Coming from infamous Brit brand House of Holland, these Eyebrow sunglasses encompass designer Henry Holland’s cheeky sense of humor and irreverent aesthetics. Each pair features gold movable eyebrows set atop tortoise shell acetate frame along with gold-rimmed tinted lenses.
What else: According to New York Magazine’s Science of Us, wearing sunglasses makes you look cooler, scientifically speaking. In the article, senior lecturer of art and design Vanessa Brown said that sunglasses help cover up any asymmetrical oddities around your eyes, add an air of mystery to the wearer and associate the wearer with Hollywood glamor.
Gimme: $380; Exhibit store & Robinsons Orchard

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