Object of Desire: Pestle & Mortar “Vader” Shirt

Object of Desire: Pestle & Mortar “Vader” Shirt

When it rains, it pours, but you can keep yourself warm with the Vader Shirt from Pestle & Mortar that takes design cues from the hardy bomber jacket.

What: Pestle & Mortar “Vader” Long Sleeve Shirt in black
Why: Stay stylish and comfortable with this mean-looking 100% cotton shirt. Featuring ribbed athletic cuffs, brass snap buttons and a button down collar, let this be your fashion staple throughout the season.
What else: The shirt’s design is dressy enough to be worn around town and its classic cut makes it suitable for everyday wear. It keeps you warm during the rainy season, yet is breathable enough for you to travel around without breaking a sweat.
Gimme: The Pestle & Mortar “Vader” Long Sleeve Shirt retails at S$87.50 and is available at Seamless (spend $50 and receive $100 worth of gifts, promo details here.)

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