Object of Desire: Sound Rise Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Object of Desire: Sound Rise Bluetooth Alarm Clock

With Sound Rise, you won’t need to line up ten different alarms on your phone, nor do you need to wake up to the jarring default sounds of “Marimba” anymore.

sound rise

Sound Rise Speakers and Alarm Clock

Why: Sound Rise is tailored to the needs of music lovers who wish to start and end their day with their favorite tunes. It’s a speaker and an alarm clock rolled into one and is packed with award-winning sound quality from Soundfreaq. The box offers dual alarms with weekday/weekend settings as well as an adjustable display that ranges from extra bright to total blackout.
What else: This speaker allows for Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a built-in USB power port, enabling users to keep their devices charged as they sleep.
Gimme: Priced at US$79, the Sound Rise comes in a variety of designs (depending on availability.) Place an order on Soundfreaq today.

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