Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @13thmessenger

Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @13thmessenger

In Occupy #Straatsnaps, we invite professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to take over our Instagram account (@straat0sphere) for a weekend. Last weekend’s edition was contributed by Gabriel Michael (@13thmessenger).

Here’s @parag0n just outside the SuperFly event held this year. 


This shot featuring @eden_ang was tough to post-process because we shot during blue hour. With a low amount of light and inaccurate colors flooding my screen, I stuck to black and white to save it.

Featuring @13thmessenger

My friend and I got inspired by pictures from Tumblr so we wanted to try something like this out. 

Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @13thmessenger

If I could describe my portrait style. I would say “Up Close and Personal”. 

Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @13thmessenger

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A friend I made through Instagram came to Singapore, and asked me if I could show him around. He then introduced me to his cousin who told me she needed a few shots for Puma Indonesia, so I took this shot of her running up the stairs near MBS. 


I really like the natural vignette of the trees in the bokeh, as well as the leading lines in this shot.


Drop an email at editorial@straatosphere.com if you would like to Occupy

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