These Custom Off-White Goalkeeper Gloves are F&F Only

These Custom Off-White Goalkeeper Gloves are F&F Only

Off-White goalkeeper gloves were made specially for Premier League players Jordan Pickford and Joe Hart.


Instagram @virgilabloh

The Off-White Nike Mercurial Gloves are supposedly made from the never-before-seen World Cup edition of the gloves.

Virgil Abloh has revealed the first-ever custom Off-White goalkeeper gloves on his Instagram stories. The gloves were gifted to two Premier League football players, Jordan Pickford of Everton FC and Joe Hart of West Ham. 

The custom Off-White goalkeeper gloves are made with the Nike Mercurial Gloves, featuring a white base and orange cuffs. The new colorway hints at a possible World Cup edition of the gloves.

The custom gloves feature standard Off-White elements, like its iconic “X” motif on the inner side and a black Nike swoosh, “LOGO” lettering and a definition on the left index finger. The gloves are then adorned with the players’ names and jersey numbers in handwritten style, making the gifts yet more personal.

Whether these Off-White goalkeeper gloves will see a wider release is anyone’s guess, but for now it’s safe to say these will probably be F&F only.

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