Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch reselling for over S$1,000

Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch reselling for over S$1,000

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The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch drop on March 26 drew massive crowds at Swatch stores in Singapore.

Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is reselling for S$1,600

Last Saturday, watch enthusiasts flocked to Swatch stores in Singapore in hopes of buying the Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch. Retailing at S$372, the watch was an affordable and attractive alternative to the iconic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, which costs upwards of S$6,000 a piece.

As long queues started forming, and the possibility of owning the watch was slipping through their fingers, customers started to act out. One man even taunted police officers who were on standby to “use your gun and shoot me”.

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Unsurprisingly, you can already find Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch pieces on the secondary market. The lowest ask for the watch on StockX, for example, is with prices starting at S$1,000.

Don’t want to pay resale prices? Then wait. The MoonSwatch is not a limited edition timepiece. According to a statement from Swatch, the MoonSwatch is “not a limited-edition and will soon be available again in selected Swatch stores.”

The long queues were not unique to Swatch Singapore stores. Swatch boutiques in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand and the US, UK also saw snaking queues at their doors.

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Stay tuned for updates on future Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Singapore releases. 

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