Overwatch Chinese New Year Updates

Overwatch Chinese New Year Updates

Overwatch gets a seasonal upgrade this Lunar New Year.

Overwatch gets a seasonal upgrade this Chinese New Year with characters dressed in traditional Chinese inspired outfits and a possible “Capture the Flag” mode.

According to this Reddit source (via Weibo), the grainy trailer gives doting fans a sneak peek at their favorite Overwatch heroes dressed in outfits inspired by traditional Chinese garb.

Symmetra is spotted wearing a traditional red and gold cheongsam while Zenyatta, Winston, and Roadhog are seen dressed as characters inspired by the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

Here’s the  list and description of each character:

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  • Zenyatta: Tang Sanzang (Buddhist master – also known as Xuanzang)
  • Winston: Sun Wukong (The Monkey King)
  • Roadhog: Zhu Bajie (Apprentice of Tang Sanzang, also known as “Pigsy”)
  • Reinhardt: Sha Heshang (Apprentice of Tang Sanzang, a “river ogre”)

Additionally, the leaked trailer has also sparked rumors of a “Capture the Flag” gaming mode. Fans cite seeing Tracer guarding a flag towards the end of the trailer as possible evidence. If confirmed, this will be the first “Capture the Flag” mode to appear in the game.

The Overwatch Lunar New Year event commences today, January 24th, and will end January 31st  (UK and US). And possibly on January 31st for players in China.

In any case, the seasonal Chinese New Year event has sparked rumors of an upcoming Valentine’s Day event. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to confirm.

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