Overwatch is Now Worth a Billion Dollars

Overwatch is Now Worth a Billion Dollars

The hugely popular multiplayer shooter game by Blizzard has already earned $1 billion.


Talk about being a baller. Blizzard announced that this makes Overwatch the 8th billion-dollar franchise in their portfolio, joining the ranks of Skylanders and Call of Duty.

It’s been less than a year, and Blizzard’s shooter, Overwatch, has already brought big bucks home. During the company’s recent earnings report, the game has earned $1 billion since its debut last May.

While most of the earnings come from the game sales, in-game purchases also contribute to the billion dollar sum. In-game sales are mostly made up of microtransactions through the game’s popular Loot Box system.

According to Blizzard, their in-game content business grew by 25%, and the game has hit 30 million registered players last month, making it their fastest-growing new franchise. With this report, Blizzard has stated that Overwatch is the 8th game to hit a billion dollars, showing that the game’s popularity wasn’t just all talk.

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