Are You Game Enough for the PG2 x PS4 Sneaker?

Are You Game Enough for the PG2 x PS4 Sneaker?

Looking for a ballgame or video game themed shoe? The PG2 x PS4 sneaker will get you in the zone for both.

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Paul George and Nike team up with PlayStation for a special edition release of his signature sneakers.

The basketball player’s fine handling skills could well translate to his abilities on the PlayStation 4 joystick. A self-confessed gamer and a big fan of PlayStation consoles, the PG2 x PS4 sneaker perfectly embodies Paul George’s passion and competitiveness in basketball and video gaming.

The PlayStation-themed sneaker features a number of incredible design aesthetics that would make the most ardent of fans jump in excitement. The sneaker boasts LED lights on the PlayStation and PG logos etched on the tongue; you can even select pulse mode via the power switch behind the tongue flap.

Additionally, the shoe features a galaxy-speckled design on the midsole as well as PlayStation symbols adorning the patent leather that wraps the heel of the shoe. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Nike Air Mags, this sneaker could just be it.

Keep on the lookout for the limited edition PG2 x PS4 sneaker which drops this Saturday, February 24. This pair retails at S$179 and you can get your hands on them at

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