7 Singapore Photographers to Watch Right Now

If the work of Singapore photographers Ang Song Nian, Eugene Soh, Jeannie Ho, Ken Cheong, Lavender Chang, Wilfred Lim and Neo Xiaobin haven’t made you sit up yet, they will now. 

1. Ang Song Nian

Ang Song Nian_Detour No. 3_2011-1

Detour No. 3
From the series “Many Detours : Washed-out & Interrupted” 2011

Ang Song Nian_Detour No. 8_2011-1

Detour No. 8
From theseries “Many Detours : Washed-out & Interrupted” 2011

2. Eugene Soh

Read our interview with Eugene here

Eugene Soh_Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of Singapore_2014-1

Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of Singapore

Eugene Soh_Venus & Grace_Ed.30_2012-1

Venus & Grace
Edition 30 2012

3. Jeannie Ho


Brunch Is The Order Of The Day
From the series “All In Between” 2012

Jeannie Ho_High Low A Wall Of Gold You Surprise Me_2012-1

High Low A Wall Of Gold You Surprise Me
From the series “All In Between” 2012

4. Ken Cheong

Ken Cheong_Framemaker & Wong Fei Hong-1

Framemaker and Wong Fei Hong

Ken Cheong_Street Opera Actor Sin Kee Leng-1

Street Opera Actor Sin Kee Leng

5. Lavender Chang

Lavender Chang_Block 12, My territory, My dignity_2010

Block 12, My territory, My dignity


Lavender Chang_Eldest Daughter_2011-1

Eldest Daughter

6. Wilfred Lim

Wilfred Lim_Superhero_2013-1

From the series “Self Portraits” 2013


From the series “Self Portraits” 2013

7. Neo Xiaobin



Neo XiaoBin_Shattered Dreams_2010-1

Shattered Dreams

The work featured above have been nominated for the ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu, Singapore’s premier photography award. This year’s ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu will take place at the National Museum of Singapore in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival. For more information, visit facebook.com/martell.sg


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