Ping Pong FM Adds Music to Your Table Tennis Game

Ping Pong FM Adds Music to Your Table Tennis Game

Turn table tennis into a game of music-making with Ping Pong FM, an interactive take on the sport.

With some minor modifications to the table tennis bat, Ping Pong FM lets players adjust a music track’s tempo depending on their speed of play.

Hit the ball too slowly, or miss it complete, and the music comes to a complete stop. Conversely, play it fast and the song speeds up, creating a remix of sorts.

The magic lies in the modified table tennis bats, which have contact microphones embedded within them. Reverberations caused by the bat hitting the ball is processed by a computer app, which will adjust the speed of the song accordingly.

Beginners can choose from slower tunes to begin with, while table tennis experts will find faster tracks more suitable to their pace.

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Ping Pong FM isn’t available in the mass market just yet, but if you’re game to include this in your home or workplace, hit up its creators and they might just bring it to you!

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