You’ll Dig the Heirloom App if You Like a #TBT

You’ll Dig the Heirloom App if You Like a #TBT

Cherished memories should kept forever, and the Heirloom app does a good job of that by digitizing and enhancing old printed photos easily.


If you like a #TBT, you’ll like what you’re about to read. Introducing Heirloom app, the app that enables users to store old printed photographs in their smartphones by digitizing and enhancing old printed photos easily and conveniently.

All users have to do is to take a picture of their printed photos with their smartphone camera. The app will automatically find the edges of the photo, correct the perspective and add in a dash of color enhancement. The resulting digital photos can then be stored and shared in private groups within the Heirloom app or externally on social networks.

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Film photography may be a rarity these days, but many people still keep stashes of old print photos that contain precious memories of yesteryear. Preserving these photos can be a tricky and tedious affair, as they have to be delicately removed from their albums, run through a scanner, and the resulting scanned images touched up with editing software. Heirloom app negates this tedious process, so you’ll be posting throwback photos on social media more times a week.

The Heirloom app is free and available for Singapore users on iOS and Android. Download it and begin your journey to preserving those precious memories today!

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