Happy World Oceans Day! 8 Stunning Photos of Pro Surfers in their Element

Happy World Oceans Day! 8 Stunning Photos of Pro Surfers in their Element

World Oceans Day falls June 8 annually. To commemorate the event, here are eight stunning photos of pro surfers tackling waves.

All photos courtesy of Red Bull

Zane Schweitzer


Professional surfer Zane Schweitzer in action at The Ultimate Waterman competition in New Zealand, April 2017.

The Ultimate Waterman competition is a search for the world’s best waterman. Participants are challenged to compete in eight different surfing disciplines. The competition took place over a period of nine days from April 1 to April 9, 2017.

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Filipe Toledo


Filipe Toledo free surfing in Haleiwa, Hawaii, in December 2016. Toledo is a Brazilian surfer who has competed in the World Surfing League since 2013.

Evan Thompson


Evan Thompson in action at the 2016 Red Bull Night Riders tow-at surf contest.

The competition sees six surfers pulling off their best surf trick. Other competing athletes include Asher Nolan, Ryan Briggs, Cody Thompson, Tristan Thompson, and Gabe King.

Mick Fanning


Mick Fanning surfing in Lofoten, Norway, under the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The Australian surfer is known in surfing circles as “White Lightning”. Fanning is an inspiration to surfers worldwide after emerging the winner of the World Surf League (ASP World Champion) in 2007, 2009, and 2013, after sustaining a major hamstring injury in 2004.

Justin Allport


Justin Allport performing at the Red Bull Cape Fear competition in Sydney, Australia.

Red Bull’s Cape Fear surfing competition has earned its reputation as a daunting challenge due to its rough waves. Unfortunately, for Allport, 18-year-old Russel Bierke emerged the winner in 2016.

Cynthia Borges


Female pro surfer Cynthia Borges tackling the moving waters at the 2015 Red Bull Rivals in Lanzarote, Spain.

Mark Mathews


Mark Mathews risking his life night surfing at the 2015 Red Bull Cape Fear event.

The Big Wave surfer was featured in the 2011 documentary, Fighting Fear. The documentary also stars mixed martial artist and surfer Richie Vaculik.

Slade Prestwich


South African surfer Slade Prestwich caught doing a gnarly surfing 360.

The athlete cites his win at the 2013 VQS Global Champs in Fiji as one of his greatest achievements in life. Gnarly!

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