So you think you can dance? Show off your moves and win a pair of PUMA RS-0 sneakers

So you think you can dance? Show off your moves and win a pair of PUMA RS-0 sneakers

In conjunction with the launch of the RS-0 Sound sneakers, PUMA challenges you to a game of song and dance. Think you’ve got what it takes?

PUMA RS-0 Sound

The PUMA RS-0 Sound is a product of music reinvention and remix culture

PUMA debuts its latest line of RS-0 Sound sneakers inspired by the evolution of music.

The PUMA RS-0 is a blast from the past – a reboot of the RS (‘Running System’) sneakers originally introduced by PUMA back in the ’80s which were revolutionary for its advanced cushioning technology.

In 2018, the silhouette returns with an updated design to celebrate the reinvention of a unique movement in music. This is a follow-up to the RS-0 PLAY sneakers which taps onto the ’80s gaming culture.

The RS-0 Sound encapsulates the invention of the digital sound, remix culture and how modern music has taken to the past for inspiration. Let’s also not forget the fact that the dance culture ruled the streets and dance floors with running shoes back in the ’80s.


To mark the launch of the RS-0 Sound, PUMA is calling on everyone to take part in the movement of sound and dance. The best part? You stand a chance to win the PUMA RS-0 Sound box that includes a pair of the RS-0 footwear and a PUMA Bluetooth speaker. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Follow these steps to enter the 808 online dance contest:
1. Download the customized 808 soundtrack
2. Create your own dance video (min. 30 secs, max. 1 min) using the soundtrack
3. Upload the video on Instagram and hashtag #PUMASG #RS0

Check out the Instagram post embedded above for an example of a submission. The contest is now open until September 16 and the winning entry will be notified on the same day as well.

Show your smooth moves and you might just walk away with new kicks to hit the dance floor with.

Will you dance your way to win a pair of the PUMA RS-0 sneakers? Let us know in the comments below.

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