Puma brings the future closer with the Puma Fi

Puma brings the future closer with the Puma Fi

The Puma Fi, the first ever Puma self-lacing sneakers, joins a very exclusive club.

Puma Self Lacing Sneakers

The Puma Fi is the German sportswear’s foray into self-lacing sneakers.

Puma goes with a sleek all-black colorway on the futuristic sneaker.

Sneakers and technology have been coming hand-in-hand lately, from using QR codes to authenticate sneakers to Nike launching its first ever self-lacing performance sneaker. The possibilities seem endless. Now Puma has joined the tech party with the debut of their Puma Fi.

The star of the show is Fit Intelligence (Fi), where, with just a swipe of your finger, the laces will tighten themselves. Swipe up for a tighter fit and swipe down to get loose. As easy as that. The motor and self-lacing portion of the sneaker is housed on the tongue of the shoe. Blue laces are used to create a contrast with the black upper so you can watch your shoes lacing themselves. The mesh upper offers maximum breathability and comfort.

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Puma joins Nike as the only other sportswear company to currently boast a self-lacing sneaker. With these advanced sneakers and other performance enhancements being the future of the footwear, who knows how much easier it would be to wear our fave sneakers in the future?

The Puma Fi is expected to launch sometime in 2020. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates.

What do you think of the Puma self-lacing sneakers, Puma Fi? Are you a fan of self-lacing sneakers or prefer to do ’em yourselves? Let us know in the comments below. 

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