Go full throttle on Puma and Atelier New Regime’s motorsport-inspired collection

Go full throttle on Puma and Atelier New Regime’s motorsport-inspired collection

Tap into the racer in you with this Puma x Atelier New Regime collaboration collection.

PUMA x Atelier New Regime

PUMA x Atelier New Regime: the sportswear brand is at it again with a collaboration inspired by motorsport

Performance-driven, edgy and definitely adrenaline pumping. Here’s a look at some of the key pieces from Puma’s latest collaboration.

Atelier New Regime, a Montreal-based streetwear label, debuts its collaboration collection with Puma featuring a range of footwear and apparel inspired by motorsports. But don’t get us wrong, you won’t need a motorcycle to pull off anything from the collection.

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First up, the collection boasts five types of Puma sneakers, each remixed with unique touches from the streetwear label. From the classic Suede, the chunky Thunder, to the Basket Boot, there’s every reason to go full throttle on these.

PUMA x Atelier New Regime

The collection comprises a range of apparel that’s edgy and functional

The Puma x Atelier New Regime apparel range will have you ready for an adventure, even if you’re not looking for one. Look out for statement pieces such as the jacket with logo taping on the side seam and the co-branded track pants as well.

Shop the Puma x Atelier New Regime collection, now available at Puma Select MBS and Leftfoot, retailing from S$59 to S$249.

Find Atelier New Regime on Instagram for more on the collection and follow Puma to find out more about the brand’s upcoming collaborations.

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Any favorites from the collection? Let us know your picks in the comments below.

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