A MO-ment with Grooming Expert Quester Ng

A MO-ment with Grooming Expert Quester Ng

There’s more to keeping facial hair than simply letting it grow. We seek out Quester Ng, Chief Barber at We Need A Hero with 30 years’ experience, to talk about ‘mo no-nos, facial hair trends and why women now love men with beards.

By Chris Ong



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What are some of the ‘mo trends in the market now?
We have not noticed any specific shapes or designs but there has definitely been a rise in the number of guys who are cultivating a moustache in the past couple of years. I would say the style of the moustache you end up with depends largely on the amount and type of facial hair you have more than what’s trendy.


Quester Ng, Chief Barber

Are there any known health benefits to letting your facial hair grow out as opposed to shaving it clean, or is it simply a lifestyle choice one makes?
An obvious but often overlooked benefit of growing your facial hair out is that it protects your face from UV rays. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend chucking the sunscreen in favor of a beard but it has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful sun exposure on your skin to a certain extent. However, as a lifestyle choice, growing your facial hair out is a quick and easy way to change up your look; a beard functions almost as an accessory in this way!

What sort of ‘mo shapes and styles suit Asian faces?
Asians tend to have softer features, so a more angular-shaped moustache will help to add strength to the face and balance out those features.

After growing out my moustache, it starts to look uneven. What do I do?
Always visit a barber as he will be able to advise you best on how to trim your ‘mo at home, according to the growth pattern and density of your facial hair. The barbers at We Need A Hero offer a consultation before your shave, as well as professional tips on maintaining your ‘mo at home. It is recommended that you return to your barber every two to three weeks to keep your ‘mo in great shape. Drop by We Need A Hero’s pop-up shaves, a series of mobile shave stations across select Spa Esprit F&B outlets in support of Movember! 

What causes my moustache to get itchy after a few days? How can this be remedied?
The most likely cause of itch when your facial hair is growing out are ingrown hairs due to the hair shaft curling back into the follicle. The best way to prevent ingrown hairs? Ensure that your skin is well-prepped and moisturized before and after shaving.

Should I shower my ‘mo with TLC using soap, shampoo or a facial cleanser?
Your regular facial cleanser should be effective enough to keep your moustache (and surrounding facial skin) clean.

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Are there ways to make my moustache grow faster?
There is no proven way to speed up the growth rate of facial hair as that depends mostly on genetics, but you could try taking a biotin dietary supplement which is known to enhance the growth of hair and nails. Incorporating Vitamin B and protein into your diet is also useful in encouraging hair growth.

What’s the ultimate ‘mo no-no?
Do not fiddle with your moustache! Not only is it distracting, it may cause the hairs to fall out and grow unevenly. Constantly touching your mo’ also transfers dirt and bacteria to your face, which may cause breakouts. Also make sure your moustache is free of food and crumbs when dining with company! There are even special cups with a partial cover to catch these scraps if you find you need some added help.

What are some tools that every man should own for the maintenance of his facial hair?
A quality shaver and a set of good shaving and aftercare products are crucial in maintaining healthy facial hair. Trumper offers a range of stylish and elegant shavers (SG$120 and up) and conditioning shaving creams to aid you in your quest for a great ‘mo. 

Having been in your line of work for a while now, have you noticed a change in the way women perceive of men growing out their facial hair today?
While there have been studies in recent years proving that women find men with facial hair more attractive than their clean-shaven counterparts, some of our customers do share that their wives or girlfriends are the reason they come for a shave. To each his own, but I suppose with the wave of artist-type beards in recent years, having a full face of facial hair is no longer considered “dirty” or “unkempt”.

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Coming up next month: A hair-raising experience at We Need A Hero. Look out for the feature! 

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