Answering your questions about Apple’s latest line-up

Answering your questions about Apple’s latest line-up

Through Instagram stories, you shared your questions for Apple about their 2020/2021 range of products. Here’s what we found out.

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

Apple’s lineup expanded quite a bit in 2020 and that left some doubts among fans of the brand as to what to expect from the new products. To help out, we posted an Instagram story asking our followers to share their most pressing questions. With some sleuthing, here are the answers to your questions for Apple about its 2020/2021 lineup.

Q: How can I get the Airpods Max in Singapore? Tips on buying a pair?

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

The Airpods Max retail at S$849 and can be purchased at and on the Apple store app.

If hands-free Siri features and spatial-audio surround-sound audio features appeal to you, ensure that your daily device is an iPhone. Other features like noise-canceling and transparency modes can be toggled manually. So if you are using an Android smartphone, like Samsung or Huawei, carefully consider your options before purchasing the Airpods Max.

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Q: Do Apple products have resale value?

Yes, your old iPhone does have some resale value, or trade-in value to be exact. Head over to to see how much you can save when trading-in your old device.

Q: Can Apple help me dispose of or recycle my old Apple devices?

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

In short, yes. In the event that your device no longer holds much value, Apple can help you recycle them. Using their disassembly robot named Daisy, Apple can strip down your devices to their most useful parts, giving them new life in a new iPhone or Macbook.

Q: What are some essential items I should buy alongside my iPhone?

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

Some must-have items to buy alongside your iPhone 12 includes the new Magsafe charger and the Magsafe compatible Otterbox Aneu case.

For music on the go, we would recommend looking at the Powerbeats Pro or the Airpods Pro.

Q: My battery doesn’t hold its charge as well, what can I do to improve it?

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

As we use our iPhones and cycle through charges, the lithium-ion batteries within our device will begin to age. This can cause them to hold a charge for shorter periods of time.

You can head over to your setting to view your device’s battery health. Just go to settings > battery > battery health. Once there, you can view your device’s maximum capacity and check if performance management has been applied. Performance management is applied to help prevent shutdowns, but it causes your device to feel a little sluggish.

To resolve it, you can head to iPhone Repair and Service to book an appointment to have your device’s battery replaced.

Q: Do you have any tips for iPhone photography?

Consider signing up for classes conducted by Apple. Called Today at Apple, these classes offer personalized classes that will help you get the most out of your iPhone’s camera.

Questions for Apple: Resale value, missing power bricks and more

For a quick rundown on useful features, check out these quick tips on iPhone photography.

Q: What are the most notable changes from the iPhone 11 to 12?

The biggest changes can be seen in its display, cameras and, of course, the inclusion of 5G connectivity. Design-wise, the iPhone 12 sports a new flat-edged design that is a throwback to the iPhone 4 and 5.

Q: Why do the new phones not come with power bricks?

The removal of the power brick stems from Apple’s move towards a net-zero climate impact by 2030. Doing this allows Apple to reduce the production of power bricks most of us already have at home, in turn reducing the mining and use of precious materials. If necessary, iPhone owners can buy a power brick, which retails at S$29.

On top of that, Apple can save space and shrink the size of the iPhone box. This allows for 70% more iPhones to be shipped per pallet, effectively cutting over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

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