Radiohead and Hans Zimmer Make Music Dedicated to the Ocean 

Radiohead and Hans Zimmer Make Music Dedicated to the Ocean 

Radiohead’s “Bloom” is about to get a whole lot moodier with this Hans Zimmer remix.

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Radiohead teams up with acclaimed music composer Hans Zimmer and the BBC Orchestra on a soundtrack for a documentary on oceans titled Blue Planet II.

The track is an orchestral rendition of the Radiohead song “Bloom”, taken off the band’s 2011 album The King Of Limbs. The BBC Orchestra will supply the instrumentals to the updated track.

The track, influenced by the sounds and rhythms of the ocean, is scheduled to feature in Blue Planet II’s five-minute prequel on Wednesday, September 27. Those who can’t wait can look out for the short teaser that rolls out on Tuesday, September 26.

According to Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke, it was the first edition of the documentary series that inspired the band to compose “Bloom”.

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“Bloom was inspired by the original Blue Planet series so it’s great to be able to come full circle with the song and reimagine it for this incredible landmark’s sequel. Hans is a prodigious composer who effortlessly straddles several musical genres so it was liberating for us all to work with such a talent and see how he wove the sound of the series’ and Bloom together,” says Yorke in a BBC press release.

Blue Planet II, the second installment to BBC’s acclaimed series that uncovers the history and inhabitants of vast oceans, will be narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Meanwhile, listen to the original version of “Bloom” below:

Blue Planet II is available on BBC Earth or on channel 407 for Starhub viewers.  

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