Is Radiohead Releasing a New Album?

Is Radiohead Releasing a New Album?

Will there be a sequel to the esteemed Radiohead album, Ok Computer?

Update: May 3, 11.09am (GMT +8)

According to MixMag, Radiohead is scheduled to release a mini album, OKNOTOK, on Friday, June 23. The release will feature the original album, three unreleased tracks, as well as eight B-sides.

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Radiohead teases fans with a cryptic video featuring glitchy visuals and a creepy narration with lyrics from the band’s hit song, “Climbing Up the Walls”.

Released on May 1. Radiohead fans are currently scrambling to decode the band’s cryptic message. The glitchy visuals are largely incomprehensible except for several lines of text featuring the words, “Program: Radiohead” and “1 Rem”. The band’s cryptic message has yet to be deciphered.

Reddit fans theorize that the lyrics featured in the video were unreleased lyrics from the band’s hit song, “Climbing Up the Walls” – as evidenced in the band’s 1996, Mansfield, U.S.A tour video here.  The unreleased lyrics featured are as such:

“I am the key to lock in your dress. That keeps your toys in the basement. And if you get too far inside. You’ll find you’ll come out where you came in. So tuck the kids in safe tonight. And shut the eyes in the cupboard. I am the weapon that you needed. Keep an eye out for the neighbors. Anywhere you turn. I’ll be there. Open your skull. Climbing Up the Walls”.

While some fans speculate that the video symbolizes a forthcoming Radiohead album, others have taken it to mean something else. Pitchfork reports that the video could be celebrating the band’s Ok Computer anniversary – a plausible fan theory evidenced by the band’s recent release of mysterious Radiohead posters. An example can be viewed here.

Ok Computer was released on June 16, 1997, almost twenty years ago. The band’s third studio album climbed the charts, reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart (source: Wikipedia).

In the meantime, we await the decoding results from dedicated Radiohead fans much like this Twitter user.

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