Razer Enters the Mobile Power Bank Game

Razer Enters the Mobile Power Bank Game

Razer wants you to keep your laptops and phones running with the Power Bank Smart Charge Mobile Accessory.


Razer, known for its gaming laptops related accessories, is launching a power bank to help keep your laptop running for a few more hours.

The slim charger packs an impressive 12,800 mAh capacity battery under its hood, making it strong enough to boost a dying laptop.

The Razer Power Bank is compatible with a wide array of devices including additional USB-C powered laptops and mobile devices with dual USB-A ports and a USB-C port for charging up to three mobile devices at the same time.

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“High-performance mobile laptops are more a part of our lives than ever before, and keeping them charged and ready is a high priority,” says Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, and CEO of Razer.

Despite being unavailable just yet, the power bank has received a fair bit of hype amongst Razer fans on social media:

The Razer Power Bank Smart Charge, which launches March 2017, will be priced at US$150 (approx. S$210.60) a piece. Available exclusively at Razerzone.com.

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