Leaked Contract Reveals Real Madrid Making Bank with Adidas

Leaked Contract Reveals Real Madrid Making Bank with Adidas

According to the contract, Real Madrid is making €100 million (approx. S$154 million) a year.


Photo: Managing Madrid

German news outlet Der Spiegel claims that Adidas will pay Spanish football club, Real Madrid a total of €1 billion (approx. S$1.54 billion).

Managing Madrid, an online website dedicated to uncovering news relating to the football club, claimed that Adidas is set to pay the football club the large sum sometime between 2015 and 2024.

But that’s not all! Adidas is also reportedly paying the Spanish club additional bonuses if Real Madrid scores on the football pitch. Sources online also claim that Adidas will shell out a hefty €5 million (approx. S$7.7 million) bonus if the football club wins the 2017 UEFA Champions League.

It might seem like Adidas is spending a ridiculously large amount of money, needlessly. But in return, Adidas has reportedly secured the rights to organize Real Madrid’s traditional title celebrations – allowing the sportswear brand more exposure and therefore, more generated revenue.

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