Recap: SBTG x Crossover “Anarchy & Chaos”

Recap: SBTG x Crossover “Anarchy & Chaos”

It’s all sold out, by the way.

Photos by Arieff Arbain

Last Friday, February 26th, Mr. Sabotage of SBTG was at Cover by Crossover in Malaysia for the launch of the “Anarchy & Chaos” collection, a collaboration between SBTG and Crossover of custom pairs of Vans shoes in limited quantities.

The Sk8 Hi and Old Skool silhouettes were chosen for the SBTG x Crossover collaboration. As to why Vans was the brand of choice, Mr. Sabotage said, “It bears the spirit and ethos of skateboarding and punk,” two elements that have always resonated strongly with the house of SBTG.

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On the collaboration, Mr. Sabotage, said, “Jem (Crossover owner) and I share an effortless synergy. Whenever we meet, we mostly talk about our love for music and culture, very little on business, in fact. At the end of every meet, an idea for a collab would emerge organically. It also helps as we both play very different roles of artist and conceptual retailer.”


Mr. Sabotage also showcased some of his paintings at the event – the first time they were shown in Malaysia. These were created a few years back when he took a break from customizing sneakers.

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