Recap: SIDETRACK, Singapore’s First Street Meet

Despite the recent bout of haze, the skies cleared when the coolest cats in town converged at SIDETRACK, Singapore’s first street meet. Here’s what went down.

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There’s a new class of photographers and artists in town and about 100 of them showed up to the inaugural edition of SIDETRACK, Singapore’s first street meet, to rub shoulders with like-minded creators while seeking out popular spots around the Marina Bay precinct.

SIDETRACK was a chance for creators around Singapore (and beyond) to meet the people behind Mellowedhigh, creative collective Tell Your Children, and Straatosphere. It was a dream come true for many of the photographers in the crowd, who got to catch Mellowedhigh in action.


Photo: Timothy Suen @timsuen

“It was fun to see people put faces to Instagram handles and heartwarming to see individuals who came alone end up hanging out with new friends by the end of the event. That’s what the street meet should be all about and I hope we will be able to build an inclusive creative community,” said Deon Phua of Tell Your Children.

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“The turnout was great, we had almost a hundred participants walking around Marina Bay Sands and we looked like the biggest and coolest tourist group ever,” said Deon Phua of Tell Your Children / Photo: Timothy Suen @timsuen

As night fell and the Marina Bay precinct showed a different side to itself, and along with that, out came the tripods and sophisticated camera lenses, as eager shutterbugs captured the city in its mysterious and stunning beauty.

After the Marina Bay Sands light show, participants who wanted more headed to Refuge for the SIDETRACK after-party.


Photo: Timothy Suen @timsuen

“You definitely haven’t seen or heard the last of SIDETRACK. We’re super excited to have garnered such immense support from the community, and will work towards making the next edition of SIDETRACK happen again sometime real soon. We have plans to make it bigger and better the second time around,” said Kim Hana, co-founder of Straatosphere.

Check out #sidetrackstreetmeet for more spectacular photos, and sign up for SIDETRACK updates here and you’ll be the first to hear about the next edition!

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