Recap: Tiger Uncage with Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage (SBTG)

Recap: Tiger Uncage with Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage (SBTG)

SBTG is the latest to join the ranks of Tiger Uncage, an initiative that seeks out people who have challenged status quo and are fueled by the desire to succeed. As part of this collaboration, a sneaker customization workshop was held for others to try their hand at creating their own kicks.

Tiger Uncage with Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage (SBTG)

Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage

Tiger Uncage, a campaign that highlights trailblazers who have gone on the path less traveled and carved a name for themselves, featured Mr. Sabotage (or SBTG) as its latest personality. For the unfamiliar, Mr. Sabotage is a homegrown sneaker customizer who has spent the last decade honing his craft and garnering attention in the sneaker world.

Part of the collaboration was a hands-on sneaker customization workshop conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage. It was a time of creative expression and an exercise in techniques, as the duo patiently shared the skills necessary to create a one-of-a-kind pair of kicks. There was even a pair of SBTG x Tiger Uncage Air Force 1s on display for inspiration. Those in attendance tried their hand at prepping and painting the shoe, and though the results weren’t perfect, it gave everyone a sense of achievement and an insight into the intricate art of sneaker customization.

Here are additional pictures from the workshop:

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