Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry-Flavored Energy Drink

Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry-Flavored Energy Drink

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, give yourself the much needed energy boost with the new Red Bull Red Edition energy drink!


Red Bull, the energy drink company familiar to many around the world, marks the start of the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities with the introduction of the new Red Bull Red Edition to Singapore. Containing the energy and functional benefits of the original Red Bull energy drink, the Red Bull Red Edition comes in an updated and auspicious red 250ml can with a tantalizing cranberry flavor to match its looks.

With Red Bull Red Edition, you can keep yourself energized during the important moments. Whether it’s a shopping trip over the festive period, a day of sports, or even an afternoon perk-me-up, keep a can of Red Bull handy for when you need to stay focused and alert. Red Bull is said to improve performance, increase concentration and stimulate metabolism. Try it today!

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The Red Bull Red Edition is now available at major stores islandwide for a limited period only. Pricing is in line with other Red Bull products, such as the original Red Bull Energy Drink and the Red Bull Sugarfree.


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