Redditor Turns r/streetwear into a Magazine

Redditor Turns r/streetwear into a Magazine

Would you cop a copy of r/streetwear if it were an actual magazine?

Redditor and third-year graphic design student Dan Hart-Davies recently created a conceptual magazine of popular subreddit r/streetwear.

According to Hart-Davies, he created the magazine for a university project to explore “the relationship between digital and print media”.

Showcasing images submitted by other Redditors, the publication does appear to be quite comprehensive, with topics on notable influencers, designers, and other members of the community. It even contains editorials on Adidas and Supreme, as well as a useful streetwear guide for beginners.

Although it is just a concept, the magazine received favorable feedback from the community. In fact, several users have requested for Hart-Davies to have the magazine printed and sold to them.

Check out the magazine here, and let us know what you think.

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