Exclusive Premiere: Are You Ready To Get REQ’d?

Exclusive Premiere: Are You Ready To Get REQ’d?

Sure we have our fair share of rappers in the game, but REQ’s debut single is definitely one to look out for.

REQ is ready to take over Singapore with his upcoming single “Badman”. The music video will premiere exclusively on Straatosphere on September 26thThe track will be released across major platforms – SoundCloud on September 26th and iTunes and Spotify on September 30th.

Originally from Birkenhead, England, rapper-songwriter REQ music is influenced by the sounds of UK grime, to which he adds a touch of Asian flavor, inspired by the time he has spent living in Hong Kong and Singapore, where he is currently based.

If you’re not familiar with the name REQ, that’s because the lyricist has mostly been based in the studio, putting his songwriting credits on tracks by acclaimed Filipino artists such as Rayver Cruz and Yeng Constantino.

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In fact, REQ’s journey with music goes back to 2003, when he was just 15 years old. He has since dabbled in various fields ranging from spoken word to a two-year stint in battle rap (from which he emerged undefeated).

The release of “Badman” will see REQ stepping out of the studio to take center-stage once again. The rapper-songwriter, told Straatosphere he hopes that “Badman” will “give people something they haven’t heard before, as well as an anthem they can chant along to”.

Check out the trailer above and stay tuned for the full release from September 26th onward.

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