rimowa x daniel arsham classic attache and eroded suitcase sculpture
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Precious cargo: Rimowa and Daniel Arsham collab suitcase also comes with an art piece

Each set of the Rimowa x Daniel Arsham collaboration comes with a Rimowa Classic Attaché luggage and a sculpture of an eroded suitcase.

rimowa x daniel arsham classic attache and eroded suitcase sculpture
Each set created in collaboration with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham comes with a Rimowa Classic Attaché and the “Eroded Suitcase” sculpture, as well as handling gloves.
Daniel Arsham Studio

Only 500 units of the collaboration set will be released, with one only available via an online auction hosted by Sotheby’s.

The auction set (“ED 008/500”) comes with the eroded suitcase sculpture housed in a contemporary edition of the Rimowa Classic Attaché luggage. The sculpture, created by contemporary artist Daniel Arsham is inspired by Rimowa camera cases of decades past. The auction set comes with a signed drawing of the sculpture and a letter from Arsham. Bidders can register their interest in this collector’s item by May 13. At time of writing, the highest bid stands at US$15,000.

The other 499 Rimowa x Daniel Arsham units will retail at select Rimowa stores from May 17 onwards. Each set comes with the Rimowa Classic Attaché luggage and a numbered, limited edition eroded suitcase sculpture. Presented as an archival object, each unit also comes with art handling gloves.

Future classic

Rimowa embarked on the collaborative exercise with Arsham to revive a much-loved vintage suitcase called the Rimowa Classic Attaché. Consequently, a contemporary version of the Classic Attaché comes with each of the 500 sets.

No surprise that Arsham, known for his near-scientific approach to creating sculpture, installation, and stage design, was tipped to work on this collaboration. His interest in documentation and architecture fits the sleek, steely look of Rimowa carriers.

rimowa x daniel arsham classic attache and eroded suitcase sculpture
Future classic: the collaborative project revives the Rimowa Classic Attaché for 2019 onwards.
Daniel Arsham Studio

The collaboration is similar to Arsham’s “Future Relic” series (2013–2018) where he imagines a variety of everyday objects as archaeological discoveries from a future, dystopian world.

Adopting the language of both the future and past simultaneously, Arsham toes the line between a romanticized take on archaeology and sci-fi.

What are your thoughts on the Rimowa x Daniel Arsham collaboration? Would you acquire a set?

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