Samsung Destroyed This Kid’s Troll Attempt

Samsung Destroyed This Kid’s Troll Attempt

Lesson: Don’t mess with Samsung.

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It first started when Samsung uploaded a photo on its Twitter page, asking fans to submit photos taken with the new Samsung S8.

This epic burn first took place on Friday, April 21, when the unsuspecting company asked fans to submit wholesome images taken with the newly released Samsung S8. But Twitter user Edward (@savEdward) had other plans.

The teenager thought it’d be a great idea to troll the company by writing to them about the “d-ck pic” he submitted.

The brand, on the other hand, responded wittily with an emoji of a microscope – poking fun at the user’s inept size. The interaction can be viewed in the slideshow above.

As usual, the rest of Twitter lost it – a number of Twitter users even exclaimed that they’ll be switching from the iPhone.

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Check out some of our favorite Twitter responses below:

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