News Published: January 8, 2018 Updated: January 11, 2018  |  WORDS: Staff

SBTG Gives DBS Credit Card a Fresh New Look

SBTG x DBS Live Fresh: sneaker customizer and artist Mark Ong of SBTG has unveiled an exciting new campaign with DBS.

SBTG teams up with DBS to revamp the DBS Live Fresh card, giving it a fresh coat of tiger camo in a medley of colors.

As part of the campaign, DBS is also giving fans of SBTG the chance to win exclusive merchandise including  SBTG-customized Nike Air Force 1 or an SBTG-designed CASIO G-SHOCK watch.

To qualify, non-DBS users will have to sign up for the DBS Live Fresh card, while DBS customers should register their interest here.

About the DBS Live Fresh Card

The DBS Live Fresh Card is available for adults aged 21 and over with an annual income of S$30,000. The annual fees range from S$64.20 for a supplementary card to S$128.40 for a primary card. Click here for more information on DBS’ card offerings.

Additionally, students studying at any of Singapore’s prestigious tertiary centers can also apply for the DBS Live Fresh Card. The annual fee for a principal card will cost S$128.40. Click here for more information on DBS’ student card offerings.

Source: DBS
Featured image: DBS 

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