Sean Wotherspoon showcases his upcoming Asics sneaker on Youtube mini-series “Mismatched”

Sean Wotherspoon showcases his upcoming Asics sneaker on Youtube mini-series “Mismatched”

He first teased the Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x Asics Gel Lyte III on social media in October 2019.

Sean wotherspoon x Atmos x Asics gel lyte III youtube mini series

Sean Wotherspoon showcasing his mismatched Asics Gel Lyte III, covered in corduroy.

Update: August 15, 9:20 am (Singapore time) 
Limited Edt is running an Instagram raffle from August 14 to 21. To qualify, make sure you are following @limitededt_sg and @chamber_sg on Instagram. Then head over to this post, screenshot your favorite velcro combination and post it on to your Instagram feed to qualify. The full mechanics, including hashtags and available sizes, can be found on the Instagram post.

Update: August 12, 7:00 pm (Singapore time)
The Sean Wotherspoon x Asics Gel Lyte III will be coming to Singapore. The corduroy clad sneakers will drop on August 14 and will retail for S$239. Stay tuned to Limited Edt’s Instagram to learn how you can cop a pair.

During a Youtube mini-series, Sean Wotherspoon unveiled the coveted sneakers, showcasing them in all their corduroy glory.

As a follow up to his immensely successful Airmax 1/97, Sean Wotherspoon has been teasing an upcoming Asics collab. He first released images of the Sean Wotherspoon x Asics sneaker on his Instagram stories in October 2019, hinting at a colorful corduroy sneaker with interchangeable logos. He definitely piqued our interest.

Then, during the Youtube mini-series “Mismatched”, Wotherspoon took out the eye-catching sneakers, showcasing the full sneaker for the first time since October last year. The Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x Asics Gel Lyte III definitely replicates the retro vibes of the Air Max 1/97, but this time in a mismatched colorway and with much larger logo patches on the lateral sides and heel caps.

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The threeway collab sneaker boasts a lot of interesting details. For one, the sneaker utilizes multiple layers of corduroy, each one misaligned from the next. This creates an interesting mix of textures on top of the mismatched colors. Speaking of mismatch colors, each side has its own unique color palette – on the left, you get a mix of orange, blue and neon green; and on the right, purple, dark green and brown.

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To take the craziness to the next level, you can customize the sneaker with various Velcro patches, which include interchangeable heel tabs and Asics logos for the lateral sides of the sneakers. You can choose to make each side as colorful and different as you like.


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A recent post on Wotherspoon’s Instagram showcases the corduroy-clad Asics Gel Lyte III in kids’ sizes, so you can expect a family size run. On top of that, it gave a very clear look at the vibrant panels and all the Velcro patches that will come with the sneaker.

No drop date has been set for the Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x Asics Gel Lyte III. Stay tuned for updates on a Singapore release.

If you could apply the Sean Wotherspoon corduroy treatment to any sneaker, what sneaker would you pick? Share your choice in the comment section below.

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