Korean Fashion at Your Fingertips: Shop Headline Seoul Online

Korean Fashion at Your Fingertips: Shop Headline Seoul Online

Fast-fashion Korean label, Headline Seoul, launches its e-commerce platform, headlineseoul.com, today. Here’s what to expect. 


Today, Korean fast-fashion label, Headline Seoul, unveils its e-commerce platform, headlineseoul.com. The eponymous online shopping site brings HLS (Headline Seoul) and its recently launched premium line, HLS DSGN, to consumers worldwide.

Like any e-commerce platform worth its salt, headlineseoul.com enhances the online shopping experience by offering lookbooks carefully curated by the label’s in-house Korean style team. Also worth checking out is the HLS blog, which features style personalities from all over the world, who contribute posts on the latest happenings in lifestyle and fashion.

Headlineseoul.com currently ships to the following Asia Pacific countries: Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. It also ships to Canada, France, Germany, UAE, the UK and USA.

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Shop Headline Seoul online at www.headlineseoul.com

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