Siberia Hills delivers an otherworldly collection for Spring/Summer 2019

Siberia Hills delivers an otherworldly collection for Spring/Summer 2019

Take a closer look at the Siberia Hills SS19 collection “Alien Creatures”.

Siberia Hills SS19 Collection Alien Creatures

“Alien Creatures” explores themes of extraterrestrial intelligence which can be seen through the conceptualized artwork.

Fronted by Alton Mason – the first black model to walk a Chanel show – the collection’s conceptualized artwork takes center stage.

If you haven’t heard of Siberia Hills, it’s high time you take notice. Founded in 2017, the brand has since delivered highly themed collections that play on nature and the Russian roots of its founder, Daf Orlovsky. For the Siberia Hills SS19 collection, the ready-to-wear brand presents a 42-piece collection featuring extraterrestrial themes and anime graphics.

Siberia Hills SS19 Collection Alton Mason Campaign

The campaign features “model of the moment” Alton Mason, who was the first black male model to walk a Chanel show.

The collection comprises a range of tees, hoodies, BMX cargo pants and jeans, among others. Aside from the trendy silhouettes and eye-catching color palette, the star of the collection has to be the debut of its graphic character “The Dark Queen”, which can be seen in a number of the pieces.

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The full collection is now available in Singapore at OCD Empire and Siberia Hill’s online store. Prices range from US$120 (approx. S$162.85) to US$450 (approx. S$610.65).

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