Size? marks the Adidas Superstar’s 50th birthday with a special ’50/20′ colorway

Size? marks the Adidas Superstar’s 50th birthday with a special ’50/20′ colorway

The Size? x Adidas Superstar marks the sneaker’s 50th anniversary and Size?’s 20th.

Size? x Adidas Superstar with size logo

The Size? x Adidas Superstar gets a unique colorway that embraces the milestones of both brands.

The Adidas Superstar is a sneaker that has truly stood the test of time. From a court sneaker in the 70s, to hip-hop flex in the 80s and 90s, and finally becoming a streetwear staple in the 2000s – the Adidas Superstar is a sneaker that remained a constant in the sneaker space.

2020 marks 50 years since it was first introduced as a performance basketball sneaker. At the time of its launch in 1970, the sneaker was lighter and more comfortable than most of its competition. It quickly becomes the go-to sneaker for basketball players, and at its peak, 75% of pro league players were rocking the Adidas Superstar.

Size? x Adidas Superstar heel tab logo

As the sneaker made its transition into hip-hop and street fashion, Adidas adapted the sneaker for the general public with a more relaxed fit. With the support of Run-DMC, the sneaker was given street credibility. Since then, the Superstar has remained a regular part of rappers’ and streetwear gods’ wardrobes.

To celebrate this incredibly rich history, alongside their 20th birthday, Size? is releasing an exclusive collaboration with the three stripes. Size? is taking their classic sneaker and putting an interesting spin on the timeless silhouette.

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From the lateral side, the sneaker looks relatively unchanged – white leather, black stripes, black heel tab and cream midsole and toe cap. The only changed element on this side is the bright orange stitching and “SUPERSTAR” label.

However, flip the shoe to the other side and you will see the big surprise – the medial side is constructed with bright orange leather. The three black stripes still remain, layered over the orange panel.

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For a final touch, Size? added “50/20” text on the insoles and heel tabs – representing the milestones that Size? and Adidas share in 2020.

You can cop the Size? x Adidas Superstar at Size?.

Do you have an Adidas Superstar in your rotation? Share which colorway you’ve got in the comments section.

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