Skateboarding Icon Rodney Mullen Returns with a “Revolution”

Skateboarding Icon Rodney Mullen Returns with a “Revolution”

Having stayed under the radar for a number of years, skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen makes a comeback in the best way possible.

Rodney Mullen - Portrait

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

Rodney Mullen returns to the spotlight with a skateboarding video that you have to see to believe.

Working with filmmaker Steven Sebring, Mullen’s video is set to showcase a combination of his early freestyle roots with his present-day “stanceless” approach.

Expect to see moves like the 540 fingerflip, kickflip-underflips and a switch nollie laser-flip, when the video, titled Liminal, launches on July 11th at

Mullen has been cryptic about what else we can expect from the film, but the man who pioneered some of skateboarding’s signature moves surely has some tricks up his sleeves. Here’s the trailer:

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According to Red Bull, the video was shot in “4-D”, using a dome that contains 100 cameras placed at every possible angle. Mullen’s moves and tricks were captured and put together as a motion picture. What results is a “gorgeously seamless stream of maneuvers” that highlights Mullen’s years of experience and technical ability.

It’s been over a decade since Mullen featured in a full-length video. His last edit, Almost: Round Three, premiered way back in 2004. Years of asymmetrical skateboarding had injured Mullen’s right leg, but the determined skateboarder continued to chase his hobby, using a “stanceless” approach to land tricks and keeping a low profile through the years of recovery.

All that’s left are the final touches to the video, before the world’s skateboarding community bears witness to the triumphant return of Rodney Mullen in his full glory.

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