Do we need more Nike Dunks? Sneakerheads are 50/50

Do we need more Nike Dunks? Sneakerheads are 50/50

Brands have been turning to their sneaker archives to retro vintage silhouettes and ride the nostalgia wave. But have we had enough of retros? About 50% of sneakerheads we polled say yes.

Should The Air Jordan 1 Go Back Into The Sneaker Archives?

To satisfy a growing appetite for vintage gear, whether genuine or neo-vintage (new things designed to look old), brands have been pulling from sneaker archives today more than they ever did before.

The practice, also known as retro-ing sneakers, has been applied most heavily to Dunks and Air Jordan 1s of late. But are sneakerheads tired of these retros? 52% of respondents to our latest Straat Talk poll feel that brands are releasing way too many retros.

Should The Air Jordan 1 Go Back Into The Sneaker Archives?

The Last Dance docuseries retold Michael Jordan’s journey with Nike and the introduction of the Air Jordan 1, which skyrocketed the sneaker’s popularity and its resale value.

Despite some murmurings of there being too many of these releases, why would a brand like Nike stop retro-ing Dunks and AJ1s if they consistently sell out with every release? Even divisive colorways like the Air Jordan 1 Light Fusion Red, for instance, have sold out on the SNKRS app and are currently reselling for S$20 over retail. 

History of the Air Jordan 1 Mid: Why the Air Jordan 1 Mid is worth a shot

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But what if you’re part of the crew that said you’re tired of Dunks and AJ1s? What if you’re holding out hope that brands will retro other long-forgotten silhouettes such as the Adidas T-Mac 1s, Nike Bruin OG, Air Zoom Seismic, Aqua Rift or vintage New Balance silhouettes?

Fret not, like any other trend, sneakers experience cycles of popularity. Once interest in the Dunks or AJ1s starts to wane, eventually brands will have to move on to their next target silhouette. But we do see retro-ing being a practice that’s here to stay.

Will sneaker brands create anything brand new anymore? With the need to adopt a low impact lifestyle, we see brands channeling their efforts into developing technology that will result in more sustainably made products.

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