Sneakerheads are Hating on New Balance’s Pro-Trump Stance

Sneakerheads are Hating on New Balance’s Pro-Trump Stance

New Balance’s endorsement of newly-elected president Donald Trump has led some sneaker collectors to thrash their stash of kicks from the “Made in USA” brand.

The above tweet from Wall Street Journal reporter Sara Germano, signaling New Balance’s solidarity with the new POTUS, did not sit well with some sneakerheads.

Those who picked up on the news offered their response by tossing their New Balance sneakers into the bin or out the window:

Much like how the presidential votes were split down the middle, the act of dumping sneakers didn’t sit well with others:

New Balance’s stance could be attributed to the fact that it’s one of the few footwear companies that still manufacture shoes within the United States. This comes into conflict with Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an initative that sees this process outsourced to factories in Asia.

Should the TPP be enforced, the livelihoods of factory workers in the States will be affected, and New Balance, which prides itself on “Made in USA” quality, might find difficulty supporting its employees. With Donald Trump opposing the TPP, it seems only natural that the brand would stand on his side.

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